Rental Information


Applicant(s) must make three times the monthly rent as gross monthly wages (multiple applicants may in total make this amount). If there is a roommate arrangement then each roommate must meet 60% (sixty percent) of the monthly requirement.


Applicant’s credit history must be good. There can be no open bankruptcies (chapter 13 must be paid off or chapter 7 discharged) or collections. Applicants must show credit re-establishment since bankruptcy. All collections must be paid off. Proof of same may be required. Exceptions may only be in the area of medical collection accounts.


Applicants must have good verifiable rental or mortgage history. Any eviction is grounds for immediate refusal.


Police records will be reviewed for all occupants 18 years and older.


Employment must be verifiable. If a new position has been accepted but not yet started, a statement or letter from employer showing start date and salary will be required. Three (3) current pay stubs will be acceptable documentation for continuous employment. Self-employed applicants must show prior year tax return(s) as income verification.


The Cove at Cooper Lakes allows up to two (2) people per bedroom in each apartment home.


A Lease Guarantor may be required for any applicant not having established rental history. A Lease Guarantor will not be used to compensate for bad credit or poor rental history under any circumstances.


In order to process your application in a timely manner, the Management relies on information given above to be complete and accurate. Any false statements, misrepresentations, inaccurate information, or failure to supply the data requested may serve as a rejection of your application. By submitting this application, you are authorizing the use of any credit/reporting/ or screening agencies to verify credit, employment, and residential history. Your signature also authorizes Management to obtain a police report on all parties named as leaseholders and occupants. Validity and accuracy of all of the above information will be verified. Further, your signature authorizes Management and the credit reporting/screening agencies to later exchange credit information.

The non-refundable application fee and or a separate Security Deposit has/have been given to hold a specific apartment, or to go on “paid Wait”. Management will retain this Security Deposit. If this application is approved, and applicants are unable to fulfill the conditions of occupancy, or otherwise cancel the application, the Security Deposit is forfeited, and will not be returned to applicant. If this application is denied, the Security Deposit will be refunded in full.

We do business in accordance with Federal Fair Housing Laws